Vintage Disclaimer

Trend and Tradition is excited to share our collection of vintage curated home goods!

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” -Nate Berkus 



Please keep in mind that when buying vintage items you are purchasing something that is pre-loved. Most Vintage items show some signs of wear, but that is also what makes them unique and gives each item character! Signs of wear can include: patina, fading, and crazing of the item. 

  • Patina: Can occur over time with a change in the original appearance or finish of an item. It is often valued for its unique characteristics.
  • Fading: Fading is a natural sign of aging in fabrics and textiles. Items may not be as vibrant as they once were when created. 
  • Crazing: Crazing can appear on items over time with fine cracks in the fired glaze of the item (china, porcelain, or pottery). This will not impact the utility or integrity of the item.


Please treat each item with care for best results!

  • Kitchenware: For best results hand wash. Do not microwave unless otherwise stated on the item.
  • Decor: To keep it looking its best, dust or wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • Linens: For best results we always recommend washing items in cold water, by hand, or on a delicate setting. Hang or dry flat.



We are unable to accept returns or exchanges for any vintage items. All purchases are final.